Thương hiệu: LOUIS GARNEAU
Mã Số: D07-35
Thuộc tính: 41
Số lượng: 2
Chi tiết

The Louis Garneau Revo XR3 Road Cycling Shoe for men has a ventilated nylon outsole with interchangeable insoles to let air in or keep it out depending on the time of year. Three straps with ratchet feels achieve a perfect fit. Heel is reflective for visibility when riding before or after daylight hours.

  •        Road Performance - There is  a cult in cycling. A spawning of athletes unwilling to put their bikes up for the season. Their lives co-exist with riding come rain or come shine. Their needs require details woven with simplicity. A practical approach for a relentless breed of riders.
  •         New high-density Ergo Air II nylon outsole with patented multivent system
  •         Synthetic leather and cycling mesh upper
  •         Ergo Air Cool Stuff blue insoles for warm temperatures
  •         Ergo Air Hot Stuff red insoles for cold temperatures � NOT INCLUDED
  •         Decentered straps
  •         Main strap with ratchet closure and Velcro straps
  •         Double-position ratchet closure
  •         Heel reflector for enhanced visibility
  •        Visual display of cleat position compatible with DURA-ACE, SPD, TIME, LOOK, and SPEED PLAY
  •       Approximate weight (size 41, 42, 43 /1 shoe): 255 g/9 oz

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